Mulch / Paver Sealing


We use the best premium mulch available to the consumer.  The mulch is a double-shredded hardwood mulch, which is dark in color.  The mulch, over time, will break down organically to enrich planting beds.  The mulch is fine with a very small amount of the product being longer than 3 inches in length.  We offer installation and drop off rates.  The product may be available for pick-up as well. 

Paver Sealing

If you are looking to protect a new brick project or restore an old one, we at C.T. Veach Landscaping & Construction have the experience to get the job done right.  With brick projects exposed to the weather elements of Northern Illinois, many have shifted, heaved or lost sand between the joints.  With this in mind, most jobs will require proper knowledge of patio installation to fix minor/major problems before sealing can be done.  We are an Authorized Unilock Contractor, meaning our employees have gone through years of training and seminars on installations and brick paver sealing.

*  Two types of sealer available / Wet and Dry look

*  Different types and colors of sand available

*  Sealing stops moss from growing in the sand joints     

*  Sealing stops weeds from growing in the sand joints

*  Sealing stops insects from nesting under pavers

*  Sealing protects and enhances the color of the brick

With over 200 sealing jobs completed, we at C.T. Veach can properly inform the customer about the performance of the sealing product used and any future maintenance that may be needed.

Paver Restoration

We are happy to come in and fix any problems you have had with a patio that is not living up to standards.  The job could be small or we could redesign a whole new design.